This is the new MAGA strategy. Trump is heading for the hills on abortion, saying it’s a state issue so he doesn’t have to talk about it. Kari Lake is running for Senate and she doesn’t want to be weighed down by being pro-life so she’s now using the rhetoric of “choice” when it comes to pregnancy, not life.

This is a political blunder because she will not gain one vote and she will likely lose thousands of pro-lifers. More importantly is that pro-lifers make up most of the campaign workers who go door to door and call and donate. Most importantly, she loses her soul.

I get that abortion has been used against us in recent elections. But the way to deal with that is not going the whole, “I’m personally pro-life” dodge.

Pro-lifers have never really been at home in either party. Democrats despise us and many in Republican leadership condescend to us. This shift by Kari Lake is sickening. She and her advisors are guessing pro-lifers have nowhere else to go so she’s going to attempt to thread the needle on this issue. The truth is that you either support life or you don’t.

But we are going to be seeing a lot more of this, I’d bet.

Michael Knowles has the whole story.