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Month April 2021

I Wonder If Kamala Called Him


Yale Prof says Christian homeschooling is ‘vector of white Christian nationalism’

A Yale University professor said that Christian homeschooling is often “a major vector of White Christian Nationalism.” I guess he forgot that Eli Yale was a slaveholder and that Yale University refuses to change its name because its name equals… Continue Reading →

Hilarious. Jeopardy Champ Accused of White Power Symbol

This is seriously the stupidest thing I’ve ever written about. And I’ve written about my kids so that’s really saying something. A group of 467 alleged former Jeopardy! participants issued an open letter on Medium Wednesday, demanding an apology from… Continue Reading →

Video of the day! Dr. Fauci’s 1st Pitch vs. Sister Mary’s. Hahahahaha!!!!

I could watch this all day!!! Hahahahaahahaha. Come on now, if you’re picking a team, who would you pick?

A Climate of Fear or Faith? Woke Vigilantism vs. Prayerful Enlightenment

It seems to me that there is a great reason for hope right now in this increasingly dark time. We are all witness to a rising climate scaring just about everyone with common sense. A Cato study reveals that two-thirds… Continue Reading →

Trans Rights Groups Shuns Jenner. Tells You All You Need to Know

Caitlyn Jenner is the most famous transgender person in America. So if you thought that his announcement to become a candidate for California governor would be greeted by huzzahs and fireworks by the leading LGBT group in California, you would… Continue Reading →

On This Date, Centerfielder Rick Monday Saves the Flag. Today He Would be Cancelled.

April 25th 1976. Greatest baseball play ever.

Is Scientism the New Religion?

Can you think of any religious figure who is offered such reverence and esteem as Dr. Anthony Fauci? I can’t. The National Pulse: Huxley believed mass media would spur faster acceptance of a new, secular religion; add a pandemic and… Continue Reading →

The Archbolds and the Case of the Missing Air Pump

My thirteen year old daughter shoots baskets in the driveway incessantly. Hundreds of shots per day. Elbow in, fingertips on the ball, snap the wrist and SWISH! But last night she left the basketball outside and it deflated. Horror! She… Continue Reading →

Pixar Looking to Cast Trans Teen to Voice Trans Teen in New Cartoon

Oh my. We’re encouraging this now? This is encouraging child abuse. We’ve gone from Herbie the Love Bug to trans children in not that long a time period. Yahoo: The Twitter account for San Francisco’s Trans March shared a Pixar… Continue Reading →

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