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Month April 2021

Want a Glimpse of Hell? Check Out LA Drag Show with Kids. (NSFW)

Satan grins appreciably. This drag show in Los Angeles has two little girls up on stage at midnight being taught by a man in a wig to strike a pose and collect cash. On Stage!!! While the crowd whoops and… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Disavows Sanger as Racist So It Can Get Back to Killing Minority Children.

Writing in the New York Times, Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson called out the organization’s founder, Margaret Sanger, for her ties to “white supremacist groups and eugenics.” Hey, it only took 100 years! We’ve been saying all this for… Continue Reading →

Not a Whole Lotta’ Jesus at the Vatican’s Int’l Health Conference. Plenty of Fauci and Chelsea Clinton.

Thank goodness we get to hear Dr. Anthony Fauci speak. Because we haven’t heard enough from him already, right? And if ever I want to hear the incoherent ill-thought out ramblings of Chelsea Clinton I’ll just go to her Twitter… Continue Reading →

The Devil is in the Details Because that’s where he wants to be

Only God has the power to create. The devil can not create so he spends his time reclassifying things. “That is not a human being in the womb,” the devil may say. “That’s just a fetus or a potential human.”… Continue Reading →

Bringing Nazi Back

A race of people have historically done many wrong things. For this, they need to be punished. Society must act as a corrective by treating them as…less than others. Less than human. Therefore, what is done to them isn’t that… Continue Reading →

Dems to Intro Bill to Add 4 Supreme Court Justices!!!

This would be a disaster. Democrats, unhappy with the slight conservative tilt in the high court, are preparing to introduce legislation to add four seats to the US Supreme Court. Four! The bill is reportedly expected to be introduced in… Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry. The Mob will be my Children’s Problem

When you cower to the mob and remain silent, you allow them to grow more powerful. What your silence says is, “the mob will be my child’s problem.” Me? I say bring it on now. It’s not because I’m unconcerned… Continue Reading →

“Breyer Retire!” they Whispered.

The left desperately wants Justice Steven Breyer to retire. But those in power are too wimpy to actually say it out loud. They don’t want what happened to Ruth Vader Ginsburg’s seat to happen to Breyer’s. Ginsburg, despite pressure, refused… Continue Reading →

Most Horrifying Headline Since…Yeah, Ever

Nuff said. I mean, at this point I’m totally Team Meteor.

Insanity: NY Hospital refuses Med that made man better. He Sues For It!

There is copious evidence that Ivermectin, used safely the world over as an anit-parasitic, may be the magic bullet of Covid therapeutics. But nobody is interested is in therapeutics anymore. And the CDC refuses to endorse its use (of course!)…. Continue Reading →

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