Can you think of any religious figure who is offered such reverence and esteem as Dr. Anthony Fauci? I can’t.

The National Pulse:

Huxley believed mass media would spur faster acceptance of a new, secular religion; add a pandemic and a mass conversion event unfolds.

The COVID-19 outbreak raised the authority of medical scientists—who appear to hold the confidence of most Americans, but with notable partisan and demographic differences—to quasi-religious dimensions.

Behavioral protocols such as social distancing, isolating at home, wearing a mask, keeping schools closed, and receiving a vaccine derived moral significance from their purported basis in scientific data, a process that was accelerated by panic and blind faith that the mandates would in fact follow empirical evidence.

In April 2021, more than one year into the pandemic, President Joe Biden made the religious character of COVID-19 mitigation efforts explicit when he described consenting to the Coronavirus vaccine as “a godly thing to do” and a “spiritual and patriotic” duty.

The shift in attitude is best illustrated by the cloying, coy, ethereal expression “believe in science,” favored by Democrat politicians and the very young.

Those who do “believe in science” simply ascribe everything they believe to “science” and you have the imprimatur of the scientific community behind you.

For many of these people, science is now God. So what scientists tell us to do now has moral weight behind it. Never mind that science was used to implement the Holocaust and eugenics all over the globe.

Many of these science advocates are simply leftist fundamentalists using “science” to further an agenda. They hate religion because it is the only thing that stands between them and their secular utopia.

The thing is when one wants to go to Heaven, one changes oneself in order to be worthy of Heaven. When creating utopia, one must change the everyone else to be worthy of living in your utopia.