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Month March 2018

Navy Rejects Atheist Chaplain

The Washington Examiner recently reported that the U.S. Navy has rejected the application of Jason Heap to become the Navy’s first Secular Humanist chaplain. They rejected it even though the Navy chaplain advisory board recommended approval. But 45 House members… Continue Reading →

Ah, Pope Francis Really Understands the Youth

Ah Pope Francis really does understand the youth. He know that by an old pope encouraging them to shout more and act like know-it-alls that will instantly make shouting and know-it-all-ism totally uncool just from the shear uncoolness of his… Continue Reading →

Obama: I would create a million young Barack Obamas

Can you imagine even thinking something like this, never mind saying it. Breitbart: I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas,” Obama told the attendees. “Or, the next group of people… Continue Reading →

I Believe in Unicorns, the Tooth Fairy and Pro-Life Democrats

I’ll admit it. I’d given up all belief in pro-life Democrats. Ok, they weren’t like magical fairy land creatures. They were more like dinosaurs who once roamed the earth but changing circumstances made them extinct. And by changing circumstances I… Continue Reading →

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Mocks Larry Kudlow’s Faith

Ugh. Look at the smugness. Disgusting. To be clear, she later apologized saying she’s a Catholic and Kudlow accepted but it’s very clear how she feels about Kudlow’s faith. She finds it mockable. *subhead*Sickening.*subhead*

The Short Story “The Lottery” is not Supposed to be a Handbook

Who could’ve seen this coming? A generation that was raised amid a genocide of their unborn siblings does not esteem life? A generation that’s been told that imperfect people deserve death believes others are expendable? An age where the measure… Continue Reading →

Abortionist Says Catholic Education Prepared Her to be an Abortionist

This is sickening. USA Today: I was part of our youth group and joined a “pro-life” march in Washington, D.C. I went to Notre Dame for college and lived and worked with missionaries for two years after graduation. I was… Continue Reading →

Wait, I Thought Using Women as Breeders was Bad

Great point from Jennifer Hartline at The Stream: The truth is, the commodification of children is wrong. To requisition, manufacture, and purchase a child is wrong. My friend and Catholic author Leila Lawler astutely asked on Facebook, “How is it… Continue Reading →

Vatican Releases New Image Of Letter From Paul to Corinth

The Vatican just released a new image of a letter from Paul to some guys in Corinth. In unrelated news: VATICAN CITY –  The Vatican has admitted that it altered a photo sent to the media of a letter from retired… Continue Reading →

But California’s like totally serious about not going to Kansas. Except for the NCAA

Remember that California LAW that banned using public funds for travel to the state of Kansas because they were mad that Kansas passed a religious liberty bill which angered the LGBT community. And they’re soooooo serious about this issue that… Continue Reading →

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