Remember that California LAW that banned using public funds for travel to the state of Kansas because they were mad that Kansas passed a religious liberty bill which angered the LGBT community.

And they’re soooooo serious about this issue that now that San Diego State made the NCAA tournament and is scheduled to play in Wichita you must be expecting that they care so much about this issue that they’re going to refuse to go, you know, like make a stand.



There is, though, a solution. Not a simple one, but one that means the school isn’t left with a supersized travel bill.

San Diego State was faced with a similar dilemma when its football team received an invitation to the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas. The Wichita Eagle explains how SDSU dealt with the travel ban on that occasion:

For the bowl game, the San Diego State athletics department used money from its Campanile Foundation, which handles donations to the university, officials said. The Mountain West Conference reimbursed the athletics department for the cost of the trip, and the department reimbursed the foundation.

So, as Mike May, the school’s associate athletic director of communications, told the Eagle, and later confirmed to Yahoo Sports, “It’s more of an accounting situation, but … it does add a wrinkle.” Essentially, funds just come from different sources, and pass through more hands.

California’s travel ban won’t, therefore, affect the team or the program. The main way in which it affects them is in non-conference scheduling. But they won’t have any problems paying for hotels in Wichita. The payments will just have to be made in a slightly roundabout way.

I think the word I’m looking for is hypocritical. But they’re like totally serious you guys about being pissed at Kansas. But only enough to get rock star headlines for like standing up to the Christonazis but not enough to actually inconvenience themselves.