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Month December 2015

Back to the Mall

Christmas exploded and in the aftermath, everyone’s been sick. It’s the one guarantee from Christmas. You don’t know what you’re going to get, except sick. That’s guaranteed. Once the family all gets together and everyone’s kids get together it’s like… Continue Reading →

The So-Called Wise Men

So my neighbor has these three plastic wise men on his lawn and every day he moves them a little closer to the stable. They are forced to navigate their way through Snoopy, Frosty, and reindeer on their way to… Continue Reading →

Eric Metaxas on the Importance on Religious Liberty

I really like Eric Metaxas. Always thoughtful. He’s right on here. Religious liberty is at the heart of the American experiment. If that is scuttled, it’s ballgame. *subhead*Metaxas.*subhead*

Yet Another Reason to Be Against Condoms

A condom machine blew up and killed a German man on Christmas Eve. Evil condoms!!! And the UN wants to send condoms all over the world? Why? To continue their murderous rampage? The Local: The 29-year-old from M√ľnster was hit… Continue Reading →

You Can Get Un-Married But You Can’t Get Un-Divorced

This is a pretty good indicator of where we are, isn’t it? The AP: The state’s Supreme Court this month upheld a lower court ruling refusing to vacate a New Castle couple’s 2014 divorce after 24 years of marriage. Terrie… Continue Reading →

There Are Two Great Christmas Stories. This is the Second One

I kinda’ like this story. Probably because I hate the song so much. But what the dj did is funny and management’s reactions just seemed sort of adult. Charisma News: An Austrian radio station has punished one of its moderators… Continue Reading →

Titanic Priest on Path to Sainthood?

The priest who had two opportunities to board lifeboats off the sinking Titanic could be on the path to sainthood, according to reports from CNA/EWTN. A priest at Father Thomas Byles former Church is asking that the cause of his… Continue Reading →

Franklin Graham Renounces GOP over Planned Parenthood Funding

It’s a two party system. Both parties stink. One is anti-Christian and despises us and the other pretends to be with us but secretly despises us. I’m not sure I understand why this was the final straw but I, in… Continue Reading →

If Right Wing at Fault for Muslim Terror, Then Why Isn’t Left Wing Responsible for “Pro-Life Terror?”

Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump has become the poster boy for ISIS recruitment. This is actually a pretty common accusation from the left. The more people on the right point out that radical Muslims commit acts of terror, the… Continue Reading →

Vid: Students Sign Petition to Ban “White Christmas” Because…Microaggression

Kinda’ funny. *subhead*Heh.*subhead*

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