It’s a two party system. Both parties stink. One is anti-Christian and despises us and the other pretends to be with us but secretly despises us.

I’m not sure I understand why this was the final straw but I, in no way, am criticizing his decision. Hey, if life is not worth fighting over then what is?


Evangelist Franklin Graham has announced he is abandoning the Republican Party in disgust over the move by the GOP-led Congress last week to pass a budget that Graham said was “wasteful” and provided funding for Planned Parenthood, which he compared to the Nazis.

Graham has previously said he has no faith in any political party, but his apparent renunciation of his Republican affiliation is an indication of anger on the right and the strong interest many disaffected evangelicals have shown in populist outsiders like Donald Trump.

But hold on, here’s the funny part.

This is the pic and video that the Post runs with this story:

What jerks.