Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump has become the poster boy for ISIS recruitment. This is actually a pretty common accusation from the left. The more people on the right point out that radical Muslims commit acts of terror, the more they say we’re alienating Muslims and making it more likely that they’ll become terrorists.

It’s a childish view of the world. And when I say childish I mean primitive…stupid. When the weather changes, these same people blame right-wingers. So when radical Muslims commit terror they also blame right-wingers. It’s the left’s default setting.

But if Muslim terrorism is the fault of right-wingers for calling them out then why isn’t all this “pro-life terror” that the left is always dreaming up the fault of left wingers? Cecile Richards and Hillary Clinton are ten times more harsh about pro-lifers than right wingers are about Muslims. Are they at fault for radicalizing pro-lifers?

Well, it turns out that’s the fault of right wingers too. Convenient, huh?

Note: When the left wing refers to pro-life terror they’re referring to one crazy guy in the past decade with absolutely no connections to the pro-life movement.