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Month October 2013

Fun Vid: Picking a Non-Slutty Costume

Pat and Mary ask some major historical figures about dressing up for Halloween. I didn’t get the Eva Braun joke immediately but I got it later. *subhead*Happy Halloween.*subhead*

NSA Spying on Vatican.Vatican Says “Whatever.”

I kinda’ get a kick out of this story. It’s big news that the NSA may be spying on the Vatican. But when asked about it, the Vatican was all like “Whatever.” Catholic Culture reports: An Italian magazine has reported… Continue Reading →

Google Launches Calico to “Solve Death”

*subhead*Medicine or quest for immortality?*subhead* Google has launched a new company called Calico (California Life Company) whose focus is to “solve death.” CNN reports: Last month Google announced a new medical company called Calico, whose explicit aim is to take… Continue Reading →

This Is Pretty Amazing

Fire everywhere. A church destroyed. But implausibly unharmed? Parishioners of a Philadelphia Ukrainian Orthodox church say the four-alarm fire that destroyed millions of dollars in furniture and artifacts and left a gaping hole in the center of the historic building… Continue Reading →

Sebelius Grilled, Whines, “Don’t Do This To Me.”

This is pretty funny. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is getting grilled over Obamacare and here she mutters a nearly silent plea, “Don’t do this to me.” And here she gets grilled by Congressman Shimkus over taxpayer funded abortion. It’s sad… Continue Reading →

Everybody’s a Pope

I’m sharing this because this picture is the perfect symbol for so many Catholics. Everyone’s a pope nowadays. I’m also sharing it because it’s a really cute pic. HT CatholicMemes.com *subhead*Meme.*subhead*

It Wasn’t Murder Because that Baby Wasn’t Human Yet!!!

This is the lamest yet most culturally apropos legal defense I’ve read about in a while. A man who ALLEGEDLY killed his pregnant wife is arguing that the unborn baby couldn’t have been murdered because the baby wasn’t human yet… Continue Reading →

Is This All Gays Are Good For?

Coming out in Hollywood might not be all that it is cracked up to be. Sean Hayes is a talented comedian whose breakout role was as a flamboyant gay man on Will & Grace. Sean Hayes played Jack McFarland for… Continue Reading →

Atheists to Sue to Prevent Police Working with Pastors to Reduce Murder Rate

Yes. Some atheists would clearly rather have more murders if it means police working with pastors. It seems that an atheist organization has announced that it’s intending to sue government officials in Montgomery, Alabama for creating a program that trains… Continue Reading →

Political Correctness Mutilates Reason

This is where we are now. These are the barbaric fruits of relativism. People would rather sign a petition calling for the mutilation of young girls rather than be perceived as bigoted against another culture. A Londoner who suffered female… Continue Reading →

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