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Month January 2020

If Only There Was an Organization with a Mission to Help People

The Coronavirus has been taking a terrible toll on the people of China. Hundreds of thousands affected. And a rising death roll. And the government is looking a little flat-footed on dealing with this large scale problem. Hmmmm, if only… Continue Reading →

Sad. Franciscan Sisters End Perpetual Adoration

This is sad. Crux: For nearly a century and a half, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration have said prayers every hour of every day in their chapel in La Crosse. But next month that practice will be coming to… Continue Reading →

She Shoots…She Scores?

We were getting ready for my 10-year-old’s basketball game. She could not find her jersey or her right shoe. I’ll never understand how my children lose just one shoe, but it happens all the time. Do they come home, take… Continue Reading →

Sooooo…Things are Going Well for Chinese Catholics

Take a moment to pray for Chinese Catholics who are standing up for their faith. Let’s pray that the Vatican eventually does the same. CNS News: In its ongoing crackdown against Catholics who refuse to submit to government authorities and… Continue Reading →

Top 12 Incontrovertible Truths about The March for Life

A dozen things to know before you go 1) Once you make your way into Washington D.C., do NOT be concerned with praying or singing too loud. You are a pro-lifer in Washington D.C., nobody can see you or hear… Continue Reading →

This is Religious Liberty in Today’s America

This is the state of religious liberty in our country right now. A group of atheists, whose headquarters may or not be “My Stepfather’s Steve’s (who’s totally a jerk) basement” got upset over the Nativity being displayed at an Oklahoma… Continue Reading →

I’m Confused About this Pope Author Thing

So, am I supposed to call the former Pope “the former author?” Sheesh, this is getting more confusing than when Prince changed his name. And just as a reminder, being compared to Prince about pretty much anything is bad. Very… Continue Reading →

Destruction Spewing Hole Emits Nasty Deadly Filth

It looks like a destruction spewing lava breathing apocalyptic hole in the earth has opened again and is spewing its nastiness. News: Red-hot lava spewed from a volcano near the Philippine capital of Manila on Monday as tens of thousands… Continue Reading →

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