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Month December 2016

Neighbor’s Deflated Christmas Decorations Look Like Grisly North Pole Crime Scene

My neighbor’s lawn with all of its deflated Christmas inflatables looks like a grisly North Pole crime scene. (Not actual neighbor’s house.) *subhead*Yikes.*subhead*

7 Reasons Die Hard is NOT a Christmas Movie

Nothing says Christmas movie like a high body count and an expletive laden catchphrase, amiright? Firstly, let me say that Die Hard is a great movie. But it’s not a great Christmas movie. Now, while it may seem obvious to… Continue Reading →

The Religious Liberty Battle Is Not Over. It’s Just Beginning

I get a sense from some that they believe the battle for religious liberty is over and that we’ve won because Trump will be president. They think it’s game-set-match. But the battle for religious liberty in this country has only… Continue Reading →

What Darwinian Explanation is There for Genetic Homosexuality?

Actual question. I’m really asking. If you take a godless Darwinian world as a given. And you accept evolution which favors above all else the propagation of the species. What Darwinian explanation is there for genetic homosexuality? Please keep it… Continue Reading →

Town Nixes Nativity Due to 4 Muslims in Town?

A town in Belgium reportedly refused to include a nativity scene over fears it could upset one of the four Muslims in the town, according to news reports. What the what? This is just nuts. And cowardice. Here’s the thing… Continue Reading →

San Gennaro’s Blood Fails to Liquify. 2017 Looking Doomish.

The Week is reporting that “An ancient vial of ‘miracle’ blood failed to liquefy, and that’s a bad omen for 2017.” I don’t know about omens but I’m pretty sure I’ll just add this to the list of why 2017… Continue Reading →

I Bet Putin Won’t Say “What difference at this point does it make?”

I’m sure you’ve all seen that Russian diplomat being assassinated by that Muslim radical. What a horror. I pray that it will wake the world from its politically correct apathy. Something tells me that Russia won’t be as…um…accepting of their… Continue Reading →

Yup. Pagan Priest Wins Right to Wear Horns for License Picture

So let me just get this straight. Pro-lifers can’t even get pro-life license plates but this jackwagon can wear horns for his license picture. Because…religious freedom. Y’know, that same religious freedom that says nuns have to pay for baby bye-bye… Continue Reading →

Clickbait Asshattery From Notre Dame Prof About the Virgin Mary and SEX!

The last time we heard from Notre Dame professor Candida Moss she was on every television show possible discussing her theory that Christians of old were never actually persecuted and that they only made all that up to inspire people… Continue Reading →

White House Chief of Staff: Obama Most Catholic President Like Ever!

He’s soooo Catholic he’s been sued by nuns! This is just sycophantic idiocy of a half man who is inexplicably infatuated with Barack Obama who is willing to walk away from the teachings of his faith in order to support… Continue Reading →

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