I get a sense from some that they believe the battle for religious liberty is over and that we’ve won because Trump will be president. They think it’s game-set-match. But the battle for religious liberty in this country has only now just begun. With the election of Trump we’ve only given ourselves a chance to win this battle.

Let’s face it, we’ve been losing. In fact, losing doesn’t really cut it as an accurate term. It’s been a rout. The federal government has been stripping away religious liberty rights with the help of judges like it’s been their job. Because that’s actually what they see their job as.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito just recently said that Washington would rather have no pharmacies at all than one that doesn’t toe the line on abortifacients. Christian-owned bakeries have been shut down. Christian photographers have been fined. Catholic colleges have been ordered to allow unionization. Nuns are being forced to provide abortifacient coverage.

So Trump won the presidency. But all that existed beforehand still exists. And they are still intent on the same agenda, I assure you. That is why I say the true battle has just begun. We must work to ensure that Trump holds true to his promise to nominate justices who are religious liberty advocates. We must support those individuals and companies which stand up for religious liberty against bureaucrats who seek to rid the public sphere of Christianity with all the subtlety of Burgermeister Meisterburger trying to get rid of Christmas. We must push back against the tide of political correctness that we are drowning in.

The battle has just been begun. Now, the hard part.