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Month November 2010

This is why the People have Thrown You Out

This unbelievable video is the Congressional equivalent of “la la la la I can’t hear you la la la la….” Rep. Buyer finally loses his mind and yells “This is why the people have thrown you out” Yup. And a… Continue Reading →

Philly Renames “Christmas Village”

The war on Christmas continues. This is just so ridiculous. In the picture above the workmen in Philadelphia are tearing down the word “Christmas” and putting up “Holiday” instead. Weasel Zippers reports: It’s that season again, which means that for… Continue Reading →

Where’s Molly?

This is an amazing story about a man reunited with his sister after about 50 years. She was sent away due to some “minor disabilities” when she was three and struck from family memory. Kudos to CBS News for an… Continue Reading →

Life in The Palm of Your Hand

Handheld ultrasound machines smaller than a newborn and viewable on your phone will have a spectacular impact on the abortion debate. Technology Review reports: Two years ago, computer engineers at Washington University in St. Louis created a prototype that took… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Signs – Truth In Advertising

Governments have begun a campaign to force life centers to “post signage in their waiting and client service rooms, and in all their advertising, that they do not offer nor refer for abortions nor do they have licensed medical staff… Continue Reading →

A Big CMR Thank You!

Matthew and I just wanted to pause and thank all of our readers, both new and old, for coming here each day. Thank you. Thank you very much. As a result, we have had our best month ever here on… Continue Reading →

Fla. School Bans Red and Green

Weasel Zippers reports that a Florida school district has banned the colors red and green during Christmas season. No word on whether they’ll actually remove the colors from the Crayola boxes so as to ensure that nobody might be offended…. Continue Reading →

WaPo Hits Church With Un-padded Pipe

The fallout from the media’s purposeful misinterpretation of the Pope’s comments on condoms continues. The media continues to use the Pope’s comments to promote the narrative that the Pope changed teaching on contraception despite all evidence and statements to the… Continue Reading →

TSA Secret Recruiting Posters

With all the negative feedback the TSA has been getting lately over their more “aggressive” procedures, recruiting has been negatively impacted. So now the TSA has begin a new recruitment campaign that takes “truth in advertising” to a whole new… Continue Reading →

Sheriff Joe and the Christmas Carols

Ho Ho Ho. Nobody gets between Sheriff Joe and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” Nobody. He’s got your Christmas spirit whether you like it or not. And it would seem that at least some of them don’t. Six times prison… Continue Reading →

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