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Month December 2021

This Looks Like Good News to Me. So Why Should We Be Scared?

Cases skyrocketing. Deaths dropping. You’d think this might be worth some optimism. But no. Instead, we get politics. WaPo: As Florida shatters its record for new coronavirus cases, Democrats ask, ‘Where is Ron DeSantis?’ We also get more fear. This… Continue Reading →

The Devil Believes in God. That Don’t Make Him a Christian

Sometimes we think that just our acknowledgement that there is a God will save us. This new chart from Pew shows that nearly 50 percent of Catholics don’t pray daily. I’m always wary of polls like this because people lie… Continue Reading →

Jingle Bells Banned For Ridiculous Reason.

This is insane. This school district is banning “Jingle Bells” not because they’re anti-Christian but because they are are anti-racism. You see, Jingle Bells is so old that it was performed at minstrel shows and therefore should be banned. That… Continue Reading →

Amid Wave of Anti-Christian Violence, India bans Mother Teresa charity from receiving funds

It is a crime in India to “force” a religious conversion. And anybody who becomes Christian would only do so if forced so therefore all conversions are illegal. But clearly it’s not illegal to burn down churches or kill Christians… Continue Reading →

Comparing. Just Sayin’

This really has no theological relevance. But I guess we are called to recognize evil and bravely call it out. Ephesians 5:11-12: ” Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” So I’m just… Continue Reading →

Dear People, How Do I get You to Stop Referring Me As “X”? Love, Jesus.

Sooooo precious. Well, He earned his birthday not being referred to as X-mas. He earned that and a whole lot more. Just sayin’.

Some “Men” Are Getting Vasectomies To Protest Texas Abortion Law

Are they nuts? Daily Caller reports: “A Texas doctor said his practice has seen a nearly 15% increase in vasectomies as men try to push back against the state’s abortion law, The Washington Post (WaP0) reported Sunday. Koushik Shaw, a… Continue Reading →

The Longest Nine Seconds of My Life

The gospel yesterday was about Joseph and Mary losing Jesus…FOR THREE DAYS!!! The longest nine seconds of my life was when I thought I’d lost my third child. I wrote this at that time: I lost her. For about nine… Continue Reading →

Ave Maria Sung in Stairwell Sends Shivers. Merry Christmas!

This is beautiful. No effects. No auto tune. Four guys in a stairwell. Stunning.

Miracle! Babies Put in Bathtub with Bible Survive Deadly Tornado! Police Bodycam Records Moment They Were Found!

A miracle. Wow. This footage is unbelievable. So here’s the story. Remember that tornado that ravaged western Kentucky last weekend and killed 90 people? Well, two babies were desperately placed in a bathtub with a blanket by their grandmother. No… Continue Reading →

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