Cases skyrocketing. Deaths dropping.

You’d think this might be worth some optimism. But no. Instead, we get politics.

WaPo: As Florida shatters its record for new coronavirus cases, Democrats ask, ‘Where is Ron DeSantis?’

We also get more fear. This time, it’s coming for your children!!!

The Hill: “Omicron sending children to hospital in record numbers”

The truth behind that is that hospitals are counting every child who is brought into the hospital for a broken leg or an appendicitis and tests positive for Covid as “hospitalized WITH Covid.” The vast majority aren’t showing any symptoms at all. They’re there for a completely different reason but the hospitals test all children and it if pops they report it as “With Covid.”

I’m assuming the hospitals get paid more that way. The media gets to run their clickbait headlines. And politicians get to scare parents. And Big Pharma rakes in more money.

The problem is that we can’t trust the media anymore. I don’t trust anything they report on. At all. Sports, news, politics, movies? None of it. It’s all agenda driven.

This could be a good thing in the long run.

I was watching the Madden documentary on Fox Sports and it was really well done. That guy was awesome. But one of the things it touched on was that Madden didn’t like to fly. So he rode a bus across the country. He said one of the side benefits of this was that he got to see the country. Up close and personal. And he spoke to everyone. He said that if you watched the news you’d think the country was a terrible place but when you travel across the country you see it’s not that bad. It’s actually pretty wonderful.

I’ve often thought this myself. What I see in my little section of the suburbs in Pennsylvania is people getting along pretty well. All colors and creeds. But the news and academia paint the country as a seething hotbed of racism, oppression, and misogyny. Most parts are doing just fine thank you very much. We don’t need your scare tactics anymore. No thanks. I’m not buying it anymore.