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Month September 2012

Obama Suggests Postcard Asking Mom for Birth Control $$$, CMR Responds

The Obama Campaign suggests an eCard For Women: “Dear Mom, Can I Borrow $18,000 To Pay For My Birth Control?”… CMR responds: ‘Nuff said. HT Weasel Zippers *subhead*Fun with Obama.*subhead*

New Comet: We Are So Like Extra Doomed

Astronomers have just discovered a new comet that come next year may be the brightest comet of all time, shining even brighter than the moon. Modern people hear this news and say “Ooooh…..shiny!” But every generation before Irving Berlin would… Continue Reading →

Le Suicide

And France’s death spiral begins in 3, 2, 1…. French government confirms temporary 75% super-tax on earnings over 1 million euros as part of 2013 budget – @Reuters http://reut.rs/URPKsK *subhead*75% tax rate.*subhead*

Post-Natal Abortions Community. Is This Website Some Kind of Joke?

I came across this website and have to think it’s a joke or some kind of fundraising scheme. At least I hope it is. It’s called the Post-Natal Abortions Community. I’m praying it’s a sick joke. Here’s what they write:… Continue Reading →

Vatican To “Jesus Wife” Papyrus: Fake You!

The Vatican has taken a look at the “Jesus Wife” papyrus that had the media falling all over themselves last week declaring historical Christianity invalid and they have issued their response. Vatican to “Jesus’s Wife” papyrus scholars…Fake You!! VATICAN CITY… Continue Reading →

The Despicable Press–Unreal

The Prime Minister of a country fighting for its very existence, a country populated by the descendants of one of the worst genocides of all time, addresses the U.N. is a desperate plea to stop Iran peaceably before its too… Continue Reading →

Loyola Law School Battles Costa Rican Bishops on IVF

This is horrible. Just horrible. I’ve worked on many stories for The Cardinal Newman Society. I honestly think this is the one of the most shocking. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights is currently deciding whether Costa Rica, which is… Continue Reading →

Great. New Super Gonorrhea!!!

Hey, a quick message to the culture. Perhaps we should stop telling young people that the idea of consequence-less sex is possible. We have to stop telling kids that condoms prevent everything and what they don’t prevent can be cured… Continue Reading →

Uruguay to Stop Illegal Abortions by Legalizing Abortion

Uruguay has decided to stop illegal abortions. How? Legalize them. Latino Fox News reports: In what is seen as a groundbreaking move in Latin America, Uruguay’s Congress appears ready to legalize abortion, making the southern cone country the only nation… Continue Reading →

You Think Islam Is Offended? Check Out This Guy

The constant state of offense of Islamists has offended Pat Condell and he is not pulling any punches. Dude. I’ll say this. I have never been one for insulting another’s religion, even the silly and radical ones, just for insult… Continue Reading →

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