I came across this website and have to think it’s a joke or some kind of fundraising scheme. At least I hope it is. It’s called the Post-Natal Abortions Community. I’m praying it’s a sick joke. Here’s what they write:

We are a lobbyist community of like-minded individuals who believe in rational family planning and in rational choices for rational adults. A happy family is the foundation of a happy future for the world!…

We at PNAC support the legalization of Post-Natal Abortions. We urge national legislators to act NOW to legalize Post-Natal Abortions. Too often do mothers choose to give birth, rather than aborting, only to regret having a child. Post-Natal Abortions would give mothers the option of ridding themselves of an unwanted burden, and allowing them an opportunity to begin anew with a new child at the time of their choosing.

PNAC in no way supports criminal activity. It is currently illegal to perform Post-Natal Abortions in most countries. PNAC neither supports, encourages, nor condones the commission of criminal offenses. PNAC is dedicated to the legalization of Post-Natal Abortions so they will no longer be deemed as criminal offenses. Until Post-Natal Abortions are legalized, PNAC urges mothers to refrain from performing them.

The site has a few pictures including a vacuum, a coat hanger, and that bratty girl from Willy Wonka.

Post-natal abortions are hardly a joke. In 2010, a team of pediatricians examined the court records of known infant homicides in three regions of France between 1996 and 2000 and found almost one third were cases of neonaticide, where the child was killed by their parent, often the mother, during the first day of their life.

And more recently, two “medical ethicists” wrote a paper for the Journal of Medical Ethics arguing that logically and ethically there’s little difference between abortion and killing a child after birth. Ironically, pro-lifers would agree with that sentiment but take a different lesson out of that which wouldn’t have a body count.