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Month August 2022

Connecticut Principal Admits to Discriminating Against Hiring Catholics.

Project Veritas has the video and you should check it out to see this smug braindead faux elite proudly rant about his indoctrination methods. But one thing I wanted to bring to your attention is that this guy flat out… Continue Reading →

Canada Ups Its Euthanasia Toll to 10,000 Per Year. Now Considering Assisted Suicide for “Mature Minors.”

Assisted Suicide is such a hit with our northern neighbors that they’re now considering including kids. The American Conservative: To our north, reality increasingly resembles science fiction. This month the AP reported on several Canadians who were either euthanized or… Continue Reading →

Iowa Dem Senate Candidate Seeks to “Club” Religions to “Ensure Tolerance.”

This is not a joke. And here’s the worst part. I think Mike Franken, the Democrat challenging U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley,  just said what the left absolutely intends to do. The left clearly believes that anything that needs to be… Continue Reading →

Heavily Armed Antifa Stand Guard Around “Kid Friendly” Drag Show. Police Do Nothing.

These heavily armed and hooded antifa thugs are standing on the street guarding a “kid-friendly” drag show but oddly the police do nothing. Nothing. Don’t listen to the language because it’s like a Scorsese movie up in here. It’s insane…. Continue Reading →

No Whites Allowed: Pfizer Fellowship Flagrantly Violates the Law

So you’re telling me the only way to end racism is to perpetuate it? Free Beacon: The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer offers a prestigious fellowship that bars whites and Asians from applying. Trumpeted on the company’s website as a “Bold Move”… Continue Reading →

Moderna vs. Pfizer. Who Do I Root For?

This is like when the Dallas Cowboys play the New England Patriots. At that point I’m just rooting for injuries. Same here. I hope they destroy one another. I know we need pharmaceutical companies, obviously but these companies have been… Continue Reading →

Normalizing Pedophilia Means Ignoring Free Will

If there is no God you are just a bag of chemicals, all bouncing off one another and interacting in weird ways and you are just that. You didn’t have a novel idea, it was just neurons firing. You didn’t… Continue Reading →

Is “Deplorables” or “Semi-Fascist” Worse?

Biden told a group of Democratic donors that “What we’re seeing now is the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy. It’s not just Trump, it’s the entire philosophy that underpins the – I’m going to say… Continue Reading →

What? Are You Kidding Me? Georgetown Requiring Students to Mask in Class.

I wish their faith in Christ equaled their faith in Fauci. Georgetown, a Jesuit university, is looking to protect students from Covid and monkeypox by wearing masks. Uhm…have they read how monkeypox is spread? I don’t think a mask will… Continue Reading →

You Too Can be a Martyr in the Church of Saint Greta of the Green Apocalypse

Sometimes they slip up and speak truth. But the German Food and Agriculture Minister actually said, Hunger is no argument against bio diversity and protection of the climate.” Mind you, this isn’t the climate director, this is the head of… Continue Reading →

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