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Month May 2022

Biden Admin to Withhold Lunch Programs to Un-Woke Schools that Don’t Cater to Gender Fluidity

But I keep being told they care about children. The Biden administration did nothing as baby formula disappeared from the shelves, leaving thousands of babies possibly undernourished. And now the same administration that prioritizes children is threatening to withhold federal… Continue Reading →

Off-duty Border agent who killed Salvador Ramos Was Grazed by Bullet in his Head

You can see where the bullet went across his hat. Thank God for such bravery. I’ve heard reports that some police ran in and got their own children out and then stood outside. Sickening. But let’s thank God there are… Continue Reading →

Mattel to Release Trans Barbie

Ugh. Mattel is releasing a new trans barbie. The Blaze: Mattel has released a Barbie Tribute Collection doll based on transgender actor Laverne Cox, a biological male who identifies as a woman. According to Cox’s biography on Twitter, Cox is… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Zen offers Mass after his arrest, says ‘martyrdom is normal in our Church’

We are witnessing something special here, something heroic. Please keep Cardinal Zen in your prayers. This man has been rejected by so many who should’ve had his back, including the Vatican. LifeSiteNews.com reports: Cardinal Joseph Zen told Catholics in his… Continue Reading →

Evil. Pro-Abort Mom Coos to Infant “I Could’ve Killed You.”

Lila Rose tweeted this horror out. It’s almost so grotesquely pro-abortion that at first I had to wonder if it was a satire. Sadly, it isn’t. The way she tells her baby this while talking baby talk makes it more… Continue Reading →

Barack Obama’s Insanely Bad Comment on Uvalde Shooting. What?

You know that guy who breaks into every conversation at a party to talk about what they want to talk about and they use the thinnest segues in the world to bring the conversation back to what they want to… Continue Reading →

Beto O’Rourke Disgustingly and Obviously Plays Politics with Mass Shooting. So Just Another Day in Beto World.

Confirmed. Beto O’Rourke is a sick son of a bitch. He invades a press conference by Governor Abbott on the school shooting to interrupt it and make some headlines. This is sad and obvious and detestable. I couldn’t agree more… Continue Reading →

Somewhere Margaret Sanger Smiles

This is Margaret Sanger smiling. Beware of Margaret Sanger smiling because that usually means African-Americans are losing their lives. The latest news might even make Margaret Sanger dance. According to CNS News: Babies carried by black mothers in 2019 were… Continue Reading →

WaPo Mocks “Thoughts and Prayers” with Cartoon Attacking Pro-Lifers.

When belittling prayers is your go to move after tragedy, you’re probably prizing politics over people. Included in the left’s mocking of “thoughts and prayers” is the assumption that prayers are useless and only legislation can truly solve the problem…. Continue Reading →

Happy Hour 5-24-22

Free Speech for me, not thee. In what world do Catholics not have the right to handle the sacraments the way they choose to? This one, according to some. What would we do without internet experts? This should be CMR’s… Continue Reading →

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