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Month June 2017

When the Right to Die Becomes a Death Sentence

In 1989, a young man named Anthony David “Tony” Bland attended a soccer match. A supporter of Liverpool F.C., he traveled Hillsborough football ground for a match against Nottingham Forest. Due to some terrible decisions, thousands of fans were corralled… Continue Reading →

Cecile Richards Calls Defunding Planned Parenthood “Cruel and Inhuman.”

Cecile Richard’s just called defunding Planned Parenthood “cruel and inhumane.” I do not think those words means what she thinks they mean. To say something like that is just disgusting. Honestly, at this point I don’t give a hoot about… Continue Reading →

Trump’s Problematic Gender Policy in Schools

Teachers may be forced to lie about gender. President Donald Trump did the country a great favor by withdrawing the Obama administration’s looney leftist guidance on the rights of transgender students under Title IX which mandated that transgender students can use bathrooms… Continue Reading →

FBI Update on Congressional Shooter Boggles the Mind

Lies will pass into history. The Federalist: The FBI admits that Hodgkinson: vociferously raged against Republicans in online forums, had a piece of paper bearing the names of six members of Congress, was reported for doing target practice outside his… Continue Reading →

A Huge (and Ironic) Pro-Life Win in Georgia

You mean the Democrats lost again?! OK. Anyone else starting to feel bad for them? Yeah, me neither. Trump said we’d win until we were tired of winning. But in the words of Hillary Clinton “I don’t feel no ways… Continue Reading →

4 Christian Churches Vandalized with Pentagrams and “Hail Satan.”

Sometimes it’s more telling to see what the news is not covering than what it is. Vandals spray painted satanic graffiti including pentagrams and the phrase “Hail Satan” on four churches on Long Island this past weekend. The Daily Wire: Three… Continue Reading →

Amazing Video Catches Daring Rescue of Child by former US soldier in Mosul

This seems pretty amazing to me. This guy who’s there on a charity mission braves fire from an ISIS sniper to save a child. The Daily Mail: The moment a former US Special Forces operator-turned aid worker rescues a young… Continue Reading →

Iran Says Women Bicyclists a Threat. What?

Headline: “Iran Calls Women On Bikes A “Threat To Morality”… Me: Is Iran crazy? If you don’t allow women on bikes, then they might start driving around in cars. And believe me, that’s a much worse danger. *subhead*I disavow this… Continue Reading →

So, Father’s Day is Offensive Now? What isn’t?

I stumbled upon this tweet and thought it was a funny joke. And then I realized that it wasn’t a joke. 🙁 #FathersDay is so offensive to same-sex parents and single mothers! Stop the #Patriarchy and #BANFATHERSDAY – #YesAllWomen #Feminism… Continue Reading →

Reactions to the London Fire and Manchester Bombings are Confused

So the people of England are pissed. And rightly so. The British Prime Minister wants a full inquiry. People are really pissed because it’s dozens died needlessly. Some want charges levied against those who dropped the ball. I’m talking about… Continue Reading →

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