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Month June 2017

Prayers for Rep. Scalise and Others

50 to 60 shots. Sen. Rand Paul described it as a “killing field.” Rep. Ron DeSantis said he was asked, “Are those Republicans or Democrats out there practicing?” by a man who fit the description of the shooter. That was… Continue Reading →

Gay Organ Guy Can Be Fired Because He Plays His Organ

A federal judge has ruled that a Catholic parish was within its rights to fire an organist after he “married” another man. Now, the “ministerial exception” has been supported over and over again but folks keep trying to get around… Continue Reading →

Teen Contraceptive Programs Actually Increase Teen Pregnancy

Who’d a thunk it? If you tell teens there’s nothing wrong with sex outside marriage and here’s how to do it safely, teens will do it. Who could’ve seen this correlation coming? My buddy Michael New, a visiting associate professor… Continue Reading →

Coach Fired for Praying Has his Day in Court

But he’s being heard in the 9th Circuit so…good luck with that.The Daily Caller: Thirty seconds or less – that’s all the time it took to cost Joe Kennedy his high school coaching job in Bremerton School District in Washington,… Continue Reading →

The Flying Nun “Won’t Stay Silent” on Abortion

Sally Field won’t be the first pro-abortion nun. But she might be the first pro-abortion flying nun. Here’s a recent tweet: Sick of hearing actors talk re politics? 2 bad I won’t stay silent while politicians attack our rights. Proud… Continue Reading →

ISIS Release Photo of “Belligerent” Christians Executed

By “belligerent” I’m assuming they mean they weren’t willing to convert to Islam. May we all be so belligerent. The Christian Times: The Islamic State terror group has released the latest edition of its propaganda magazine, which reportedly contains “unseen”… Continue Reading →

West’s Slow Motion Suicide Has Only One Solution

The West’s slow motion suicide highlights the inherent problems of secularism as well as the alarming lack of evangelical zeal. The answer to the problem is seen by many as an increase in the birth rate. But that’s not the… Continue Reading →

Bernie Sanders Says Christians Need Not Apply for Public Office

A stunning, anti-Christian stance taken by Democrats. This isn’t only unconstitutional. It’s scary. It seems like you can add public office to the list of jobs Christians are no longer allowed to do which already includes baker, photographer, wedding planner… Continue Reading →

Christian Soccer Plays Withdraws from National Team over Gay Pride Jerseys

Wow. This is amazing. Firstly, let’s appreciate for a moment the courage of this young woman. Inspiring. But can we also, for a moment, wonder why the heck this national sports team feels the need to insert a political agenda… Continue Reading →

Report Card. Catholic Education News Roundup

Cardinal Caffarra: Catholic education is key to protecting life, marriage, family In an interview with Edward Pentin of The National Catholic Register, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, archbishop emeritus of Bologna, Italy, explained that education is the key to protecting life, marriage… Continue Reading →

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