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Month January 2013

How We Almost Died After the March for Life

I took the children down to the March for Life this year and it was great. It’s too bad we all nearly died. And by nearly I don’t mean kinda’ close. I mean we were in a really bad situation… Continue Reading →

Vid: Wives Telling Husbands They’re Pregnant

This is fun. *subhead*Life.*subhead*

Who’s Holding the Deer Down?

I understand lots of things. I even passed Geometry (almost.) But then there’s things I’ll just never understand such as the alleged misdeeds of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis using ‘Deer-Antler Velvet Extract’ to heal his injury. Never mind that… Continue Reading →

Boogie Woogie Bye-Bye

There are Catholic Traditions, of which you are all aware, and there are this Catholic’s traditions. One of this Catholic’s traditions has a lasting memory of special importance today. As a young boy I had certain routines along with my… Continue Reading →

There’s A Metaphor In This, Right?

Obama is undoing everything Ronald Reagan did in his eight years. But this is just too perfect. And by perfect I mean the most horribly apt metaphor that spells doom for our nation. Weasel Zippers reports: The Chicago home where… Continue Reading →

He’s Learning Cursing

My seven year old son got in the van in the parking lot of school today and proudly announced that he’s learning “cursing” at school. The twelve year old kinda’ looked at me funny and said, “Uh-oh.” I quickly imagined… Continue Reading →

The Unselfishness of Seven Year Olds

My nine year old had a cough this morning. Not terribly bad but you could tell there was congestion. But it made me wonder if I should keep her home. I can’t stand when people send their kids to school… Continue Reading →

This Catholic’s Questions On Immigration Reform

What is a good Catholic to do when it comes to immigration reform? Are we to reflexively adopt any immigration proposal that comes along or be accused of turning our backs on immigrants? How are we to balance the legitimate… Continue Reading →

Hey, Wouldn’t The Virgin Mary Be Arrested for This in San Francisco?

I saw this story on Pewsitter. A man who’d been living the gay lifestyle for many years is now a Christian and heterosexual. Why? Because he prayed to the Virgin Mary. And I was just thinking that with reparative therapy… Continue Reading →

Gore Says Weather Right out of Book of Revelation

This guy is a loon. He just made millions from oil interests and he wants to preach at us that the thing that sane people call “weather” is going to kill us. And then this lunatic invokes the Bible to… Continue Reading →

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