I saw this story on Pewsitter. A man who’d been living the gay lifestyle for many years is now a Christian and heterosexual. Why? Because he prayed to the Virgin Mary. And I was just thinking that with reparative therapy now illegal in San Francisco, wouldn’t Mary be imprisoned or fined for this kind of thing if it had occurred in San Francisco?

It all started when, being stuck at home in the depressive process, turned the radio one day: “I met Maria Radio. Began to pray the rosary and I liked the idea of doing it in communion with all those who heard. Felt in inside my love of the Virgin who encouraged me to go ahead. was not an emotion I felt, I felt a person was Christ. ”

He began reading the lives of saints and the Virgin feel encouraged him to leave home and go to church (he was held by his depression and panic): “I knew if I walked the three hundred yards that separated me from my parish, could rise again. And so it was. ”

He confessed and kneeling in the confessional and tell the Capuchin friar all his pains, all their sins, all felt about slavery that homosexuality did not want one, its failures to find someone who truly loved him … felt the Father Pius told him, with tears in his eyes: “You have to live as a Christian.”

When Luca lived all these sensations, and “after twenty years attracted to men, even in a somewhat neurotic, because it creates dependency,” his homosexual impulses “collapsed”.

Such is the rolling tide of victories for the radical homosexual agenda now that you can’t even mention this kind of thing without being accused of homophobia, a fascist, or probably gay yourself.

It’s interesting in that I’ve noticed a claim coming from many that gay is gay and you can’t do anything about it but then they say that all sexual preferences are on some kind of sliding scale. How do those two views coincide? They don’t. They’re just employed in different arguments to suit their needs.

Sexual temptations of all sorts are very difficult to deal with for so many but folks needs prayer, not affirmation that their sin is in their genes and there’s nothing they can do about it.