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Month August 2014

This Quote from Saint John Paul II is a Must Read for Every Father

In our world today, the role of fatherhood has become less clear. Some even question whether fathers are necessary at all. With five kids I’ve been wondering recently if I do enough or more accurately am I raising my children… Continue Reading →

ISIS Targeting Pope Francis?

Does anyone doubt that these Muslim radicals would attempt to assassinate the Pope given half a chance? CBS reports: A new report claims that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is targeting Pope Francis — a report that the… Continue Reading →

Worst Big Brother Reaction to Baby News…Evah

Two things – 1) This kid is wicked smart. 2) He might need some talking-to. Pretty hilarious though. *subhead*Funny.*subhead*

Teacher Threatens to Stab Students, Keeps Job

Good news…for public school teachers. You can threaten to stab children, say your “trigger finger is itchy” and say you want to pour hot coffee on them…and still keep your job. While that’s awesome for them, it’s not all that… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Writing New “Bubble Zone” Legislation in New England

Since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Massachusetts bubble zone law was unconstitutional, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England has taken it upon itself to write up some new legislation that’s now being considered by The Burlington City Council… Continue Reading →

The Blessings of Deceitful Children

My nine year old son, whom I call “Action figure” since I call many of his sisters “dolls” lied to me recently. This was a big deal. It was one of those quick lies where I asked all of them… Continue Reading →


The American Sociological Association would like to know the gender of their members, so they asked them. So far so good. They asked them to pick ALL SEVEN that apply. WHAT?!?!? The American Sociological Association, the leading professional organization for… Continue Reading →

I Nominate You to the Holy Water Challenge

This is funny. HT Fr. Erik *subhead*Great.*subhead*

Study: Uhm, Same-Sex Adoption May Not Be As Harmless as Portrayed

Despite hundreds (probably thousands) of media stories trumpeting studies which PROVE that child adopted by same-sex couples are not only okey-dokey, they’re probably better off than your children, some researching are raising their eyebrows and some questions. One such study,… Continue Reading →

G’Town’s Student Paper’s Take on Catholic Identity

Georgtown’s The Hoya said that the Jesuit University’s first lay president has done a great job during his tenure. Of course they think so. But they think his legacy needs…just a bit more…Democrat talking points to make it perfect. While… Continue Reading →

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