Despite hundreds (probably thousands) of media stories trumpeting studies which PROVE that child adopted by same-sex couples are not only okey-dokey, they’re probably better off than your children, some researching are raising their eyebrows and some questions.

One such study, which took place in Australia, surveyed hundreds of same-sex couples with children and learned that in any way that the children of same-sex couples did better than other children it was plainly because of their same-sex parents. But in any category in which they fell below expectations is what because mean evil society did that to them.

But now, according to the American Thinker, Mark Regnerus, associate professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, has some concerns about the study’s selection of the study’s participants being self selected rather than chosen at random.

Regnerus also reportedly wrote “[T]he empirical claim that no notable differences exist must go. The NFSS’s results showed that children who remain with their intact biological families were better educated, were in better mental and physical health, reported overall higher levels of happiness, displayed less drug use and less criminal behaviour.”

You can read more about this at American Thinker. But please continue to expect that studies which go against the editorial boards of our largest newspapers will be ignored and any study, even poorly done ones, will be heralded.