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Month September 2020

The Debate Moment that Sent Chills Up My Spine

 I’m listening to some of the reactions last night.  There were several head scratching jaw dropping moments last night, such as when the “moderator” Chris Wallace asked Trump to denounce right wing militias but not asking Biden to denounce Antifa… Continue Reading →

Some Fun Debate Games for Tonight

 1) Take a drink every time Biden says “C’mon man.” And then call in sick to work. 2) Drink until your Joe Biden imitation is more accurate than everyone else’s. 3) Take a swig or throw something at the television every… Continue Reading →

We’re Not Looking for ACB to Save Us

Many conservatives are thrilled at the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. But not for the reasons  the media thinks. When the left cheers on a high court nominee it’s because they know this person will be empowered to make the… Continue Reading →

Another 5 Star Review for “American Antigone”!!!!!

This review came in from someone named Philip:   A desperately beautiful story, wonderfully told. The characters, together with their triumphs and sufferings, feel as real as the world I live in. Matthew Archbold has an uncommon gift for storytelling, and… Continue Reading →

A 5 Star Review for American Antigone

 Pretty excited. Someone listed the first review of my pro-life novel “American Antigone.” It thrills me that people are enjoying it. AMERICAN ANTIGONE was delivered yesterday ….and…… I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! FINISHED IT TODAY!AMERICAN ANTIGONE makes you take… Continue Reading →

A Great Story About a Young Woman Standing Up for Her Faith

My new pro-life novel “American Antigone” is about a young woman standing up for her faith in the midst of a media frenzy and violent attacks from the left. Seems oddly prescient, doesn’t it? Please consider purchasing “American Antigone” at… Continue Reading →

The Real Real Really Real Truth About Amy Coney Barrett

After talking to the demented minds of Democrat investigators who are as of this moment deep diving into the life of Amy Coney Barrett, CMR can reveal some of the horrible accusations that will be leveled at the Supreme Court… Continue Reading →

My Middle Schooler Has a Fundamental Misconception about Adults

 My daughter: Middle school is just way too much drama. I can’t wait until I get older and people stop acting like this. I didn’t have the heart to tell her.

What Can Perhaps the First Man to Receive Holy Orders in the Americas Teach Us? Lots.

What can the actions of a 15th century priest have to teach us about our modern Catholic quandary over refusing Communion to public champions of abortion? Plenty. Bartolome de Las Casas was a Spaniard whose father reportedly sailed with Christopher… Continue Reading →

San Fran Mayor To Pay Black Women to Have Children

This is insane.  MRC:   San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) appears to be so disinterested in handling the homeless problem, the feces-littered public streets, and the skyrocketing business closures due to government-imposed lockdowns, she decided Columbus Day would be a… Continue Reading →

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