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Month September 2023

Pray for the Soul of Senator Dianne Feinstein. Get Ready for Political Shenanigans.

Praying for the soul of Senator Dianne Feinstein is paramount to politics. Obviously. I pray she got right with God in the moments leading up to her death. CNBC: Dianne Feinstein, the oldest member of the U.S. Senate and the… Continue Reading →

Trump Turning on Pro-Lifers?

Trump seems to be saying that the pro-life groups spent fifty years trying to get Roe overturned and he comes in and bippity boppity boop, he fixes it in one measly term. He then insinuates that pro-life groups may be… Continue Reading →

Christian Church in Texas to Pay for Transit for Child Sex Changes

Texas outlawed child mutilation so a Christian Church in Texas has announced that it will pay for the transit of any child in their area who needs to travel to go get mutilated. Wow. You can really find anything in… Continue Reading →

Media Makes it Sound Like Those Sticking Up for Children are Against Children.

This isn’t news. The media is completely corrupt and have chosen sides in the culture war. Pro-lifers aren’t really pro-life, they’re just anti-woman. You get it. But this one really takes the cake. Check out this headline: “Montana Judge Sides… Continue Reading →

The Guns Come Out for Rumble.

Free speech is disappearing. We already know that Big Tech, Big Pharma, the media, and the Deep State are in cahoots. But those who don’t play along are in for a process…and yes it’s going to be painful. I don’t… Continue Reading →

Hey, This is Better than That, Right?

I know it’s not great but hey, it’s better than what we’ve been getting recently. Like that: Or that: So, really, it’s kind of an improvement.

New Exorcist: Believer Trailer Has the Stupidest Line Ever.

I have zero interest in the new Exorcist movie. Zero. The first one took itself seriously and is a classic of the genre. This one, however, is pure shock horror. But they brought back the original mother to reprise her… Continue Reading →

Massive Christian Baptism Event Angers Leftists. They Try to Get Football Coach Fired.

Satan doesn’t like Christians gathering on campus, I guess. So, what was supposed to be a small Christian event with students at Auburn University gained some steam and resulted in about 5,000 students taking part in an impromptu baptism event…. Continue Reading →

California county sued for using cellphones to track movements of church-goers

Whoa. I figured that someday Christians would be considered criminals, I just didn’t guess that it already happened. The county fined this church over a million dollars for holding services even though there is ZERO evidence that Covid spread due… Continue Reading →

German Christian Family Here for Ten Years Are Being Deported By Biden Administration.

I remember when this story first appeared. I remember writing about this family and I remember their arrival in America as a happy ending. But happy endings aren’t allowed in America, at least for Christian homeschoolers. WBIR: For 15 years,… Continue Reading →

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