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Month September 2023

Leaked Dept of Veterans Affairs training video instructs staff that men can get pregnant, never call the baby a baby, and encourages abortions.

I just threw up in my mouth. This is your government. This is your taxpayer dollars at work. Celebrating and glorifying abortion. Instructing staff to use terms like “embryo” rather than baby, and don’t use the term “mother.” Must watch… Continue Reading →

Biden’s DOJ has prosecuted 126 Pro-lifers and just 4 Pro-Aborts under FACE Act.Hmmm…

Chip Roy of Texas took advantage of the fact that AG Merrick Garland was before him in the hot seat. Garland just refused knowledge of anything bad proving he’s either corrupt or incompetent. Even though churches and pro-life clinics have… Continue Reading →

Garland Dances Around, Feigns Outrage Over Whether FBI Targets Catholics.

Attorney General Mitchell Garland here goes for the “how dare you” as a response rather than asking the question from Congressman Van Drew. Obviously, how dare you is not an answer. Then, Garland further obfuscates by pretending not to know… Continue Reading →

At Least These two Dangerous Thugs Are Off the Streets

Violence is at an all time high on the streets of America. District Attorneys employ revolving door justice by allowing dangerous criminals back on the street daily. Churches and pro-life clinics are torched and vandalized and no arrests are made…. Continue Reading →

Detransitioned woman files Suits over sex-surgery performed when She Was Teen

These medical practitioners don’t care about your children. This is about money. There’s lots of money to be made off the backs of confused teens. We can preach to people about how bad this is but until there’s a financial… Continue Reading →

Trump Says Heartbeat Bills are a “Terrible Thing.”

Trump is still under th delusion that he can still make Democrats like him and treat him fairly. He hasn’t learned a thing. And if we’re a party that’s not concerned with protecting life, only bartering for it then we’re… Continue Reading →

The Good News is that Our Stealth Tech Really Work. The Bad News is We Can’t Find our Plane.

This is just hilarious. Nobody got hurt so we can all laugh. Here’s the key line: “The aircraft is stealth, so it has different coatings and different designs that make it more difficult than a normal aircraft to detect,” added… Continue Reading →

Kamala Harris Says Gov’t Role is to Enforce “Equal Outcomes.”

Say what? When they tell you who they are, believe them. I saw someone say that this video makes them hope Biden stays well. But it really doesn’t matter. The left is the left. They are essentially the Borg. They… Continue Reading →

Why Are Sports So Woke? Nike.

Jason Whitlock says that the slave labor is just a small part of it. Why did pro sports go so woke?@WhitlockJason answers in one word: “Nike” Get the inside scoop you’re not going to hear from the fake news frauds… Continue Reading →

A KGB Defector Predicted America’s Downfall Perfectly.

Wow. This blew my mind. He said they just needed three generations. Guess where we are now.

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