Attorney General Mitchell Garland here goes for the “how dare you” as a response rather than asking the question from Congressman Van Drew.

Obviously, how dare you is not an answer. Then, Garland further obfuscates by pretending not to know what “traditional” Catholic means.

That’s the last refuge of the scoundrel, right. Pretend you don’t understand the language.

This is ridiculous. He’s outraged to the point of blubbering and then he doesn’t understand the question. Well, why was he so outraged if he didn’t even understand the question? Huh?

After being asked the question several times and dancing around it Garland finally, like a trapped animal is forced to say that Catholics are not extremists. But folks, that takes like five minutes of hectoring for him to finally say that. He clearly didn’t want to. Think about that. The Attorney General of the US refused to say that Catholics are not extremists and only did so when it was clear he had no choice but to agree that Catholics are not extremists. He pretends to be appalled that the FBI sent agents undercover in churches. He pretends to be disturbed by it.

OK, if that’s true, then who got fired because of it?

Soooooooooo…nobody? So you weren’t really that appalled, were you?

Think about his defense. He didn’t know about it at all even though he’s in charge. But he was so appalled that…nothing happened to anyone.