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Month June 2019

Julian Castro is So Woke He Supports Abortion for Men

Wait. I thought abortion wasn’t a men’s issue. The 2020 Woke Olympics are setting new records every day. American Thinker: During Wednesday night’s first Democratic presidential debate, San Antonio mayor Julián Castro stated he supports taxpayer-funded abortions for “transgender women.”… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Punts on Abortion. Again.

Ugh. The Supreme Court turned down an appeal asking it to revive an Alabama law that would have banned abortions that effectively banned abortions after 15 weeks. The Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) released the following statement in response… Continue Reading →

The Surprising Return of Witches

Witchcraft, in its modern feminist occult packaging, seems to be a misguided response to the profound questions that dog our age. It’s the wrong answer to the right question. Suppose, my dear Chadd, suppose it is we who are the… Continue Reading →

Actuating Schism: SMOM Bans TLM

The noose keeps tightening around Summorum Pontificum From Ed Pentin “A spokeswoman for the @orderofmalta in Rome has confirmed to me this morning that this June 10 letter of the Grand Master banning all liturgical ceremonies in the Extraordinary Form… Continue Reading →

Banning and Demonetizing is the New Bookburning

Its so nice that book burning can be done digitally nowadays. Its so much better for the environment. Silencing political opposition merely requires labeling them “hateful” and then a few clicks and they’re gone. YouTube’s new guidelines designed to curtail… Continue Reading →

I Will Not Attend the Straight Pride Parade This Year

Life got in the way of my first foray into identity politics! Okay, guys. I’m in my garage building my float for the straight pride parade. I know, I know. When you think straight pride the image of a float… Continue Reading →

The Conversion and Persecution of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Mother

In a letter to his own son J.R.R. Tolkien wrote that his mother was a “gifted lady of great beauty and wit, greatly stricken by God with grief and suffering who died in youth of a disease hastened by persecution… Continue Reading →

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