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Month March 2011

Dem: Medical Choices Must “Come from Govt”

Control is the end goal. It always was and always will be for big government thugs. What could go wrong with the government deciding how much you’re worth treating. Perfect. Doesn’t this follow in a direct manner from President Obama’s… Continue Reading →

Finally Some Corapi Answers

Thanks to the Register, finally we have some answers about Fr. Corapi’s relationship to Santa Cruz Media and SOLT. So much has been made of that Santa Cruz is a for profit business. The Register SOLT interview explains that. Initially,… Continue Reading →

GOP: Your Last Chance

Rumor has it, and I know it will come as quite a shock, that the Republicans are getting ready to cave on the budget. The story is out tonight (Caveat emptor: It comes from Dems) that Democrats and Republicans have… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood: “We’re Mostly a Surgical Facility”

Lila Rose and her Live Action crew have done it again. While the mainstream media have all but ignored the story I’ve listened to a lot of conversation about this on the radio and read about it on blogs. One… Continue Reading →

The One, The Only, Zamfir!!!!

Since I mentioned him (even dissed him a little) in my post at the Register, I feel obligated to undo the damage I may have done. Here is the indifatig… the incompreh…. the…um… Remarkable Zamfir!! The Lonely Shepherd as immortalized… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Calls for Congressional Action on Planned Parenthood

This is quite the gathering. Andrew Breitbart (hosting the Dennis Miller show) hosted Lila Rose and Michelle Bachmann to discuss Lie Action’s latest sting. It was Bachmann who today announced that she will seek to have Planned Parenthood lose its… Continue Reading →

Wow! Planned Parenthood’s Mammogram Lie Exposed!

Wow. Firstly, remind me never to make an enemy of Lila Rose because dude she’s scary good at taking down the federally funded Goliath called Planned Parenthood. Today she just released a new video where using a bunch of phone… Continue Reading →

The New Mass Translation – The Power of Fancy

I may be weird, but I am looking forward to the new translation of the mass. It’s not that I am secretly a Latin scholar who has for years lamented improper translations. I am not. I don’t know my e… Continue Reading →

The Clone Wars Are Back

Rebecca Taylor is guest blogging here this month. Rebecca is a Technologist in Molecular Biology, MB(ASCP) and a practicing Catholic. She has been writing and speaking about Catholicism and biotechnology for five years at her blog Mary Meets Dolly. This… Continue Reading →

Enviro Pro-EPA Ad Poisons Baby

What is it with environuts that they’re obsessed with killing people, especially children in their ads. Here’s the latest disgusting and disturbing ad from enviro-loonies where they poison a cute little baby. Here they’re saying that opposing the EPA is… Continue Reading →

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