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Month March 2011

Station One from Leonard Porter’s Studio

Station One from artist Leonard Porter’s new set of Stations of the Cross reveals not only an excellent meditation for Lent, but gives evidence of a renewed interest in layered, meaningful and intellectually rich sacred art. Porter, who specializes in… Continue Reading →

Christians Beware, Obama Considering Arming Islamic Radicals in Libya

Just put these two stories from Weasel Zippers together, let them rattle around your cranium, and then gasp in horror at the stupidity of what the Obama administration is considering. Fox News reports: A U.S. NATO commander does not rule… Continue Reading →

Libya – Questions Remain

Bottom line. The President’s speech did little to convince me of anything. I remain on the fence. Initially, I supported intervention in Libya, back when Ghaddafi was attacking protesters. Obama’s speech seems to address that situation. What I am not… Continue Reading →

SBA List’s TV Ad is Awesome

The Susan B. Anthony List along with other pro-life organizations has put together a devastating ad featuring former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson. I love this ad because it hits where it hurts. It smacks the self righteousness right out… Continue Reading →

A Chainsaw, A Little Person, And A Some Magic

Michael Hirsh sent this vid around and and it fun enough to share. Michael says he tried this on his children but with radically different results. Pretty cool magic trick.

Big Abortion Watches This and Changes Their Shorts

This video should come with a warning label for pro-aborts. “This video which shows thousands of young people on fire to end abortion may prove absolutely horrifying to you. It is reccomended that when watching this you have a change… Continue Reading →

Lenten Series: Leonard Porter’s New Stations of the Cross

The works of New York painter Leonard Porter have been profiled on CMR in the past, but he recently unveiled a set of Stations of the Cross for the Church of Christ the King in New Vernon, New Jersey. They’ve… Continue Reading →

Fr. Corapi & The Theology Of Personal Destruction

It is part of my job as a Catholic blogger to read as much as I can on hot Church topics and nothing is hotter than the Fr. Corapi story. So it is that I stumbled upon the post of… Continue Reading →

The Ten Greatest (And Hilarious) Scientific Explanations for Fatima

I’m always amazed what people will believe in order to avoid believing in God. The Miracle of the Dancing Sun at Fatima which was seen by 70,000 people on October 13th, 1917 has been written about often. But many people… Continue Reading →

PETA Wants Animal Friendly Bible Translation

The stupidest story of the day comes to us via the awesome Weasel Zippers. (Gothamist) — After they heard that the latest translation of the New International Version of the Bible will now use gender- inclusive language such as “he… Continue Reading →

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