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Month June 2020

They’re Coming for John Wayne

They will remove John Wayne’s name from the airport. And then they will attempt to have his entire film career cancelled. All I can say is:

My Run in with The Police and a Karen

My daughter enjoys playing basketball. Loves it. It’s been tough for her not to be able to play at any of our local parks. When the pandemic started, I would still take her to a park where she could just… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Just Made it Open Season on Religious Organizations

The Supreme Court’s reimagination of a federal prohibition against employment discrimination based on sex to now include sexual orientation and “gender identity” — opens the door for left-wing lawsuits attacking religious organizations. But hey, no worries because the really really… Continue Reading →

China to Rewrite Bible

The Bible…Now with Less Jesus!!! PJ Media: “The Chinese Communist Party has ratcheted up its crackdown on religious freedom, and sources say President Xi Jinping is working on rewriting the Bible itself to “create a new version of Christianity shorn… Continue Reading →

If We Defund the Police, Who Will Keep Gyms and Barbershops Closed?

So what happen if we defund the police? My first thought is that if we defund police who will keep the hairdressers and gyms closed? But why? Why would we defund the police? We have to ask this because the… Continue Reading →

Don’t Believe Your Eyes, Racist!!!

Insane. Actually, it’s kind of insulting. How stupid to they think we are? Remember Alie Velshi of MSNBC telling us that the protests were “NOT UNRULY!!!” while standing in front of a burning building. Just two weeks ago, CNN’s Chris… Continue Reading →

Wanna’ Know What a Post-Christian Society Looks Like? This Is It.

We’ve been told for decades that we are becoming a post-Christian society. And this is supposed to be a great liberating movement for the west. Well, if you want to know what a post-Christian society looks like, you’re living in… Continue Reading →

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