So what happen if we defund the police? My first thought is that if we defund police who will keep the hairdressers and gyms closed? But why? Why would we defund the police? We have to ask this because the Democrats are leaning towards this. Minneapolis City Council has already voted on it. I suspect that right now even as they’re voting for this because they believe their political careers depend on it, they’re hoping someone is going to stop them. They’re hoping someone else will be the grownup and stop this madness.

It’s ironic to me that Democrats feel the need to defund departments that they’ve controlled for the past half-century at least. It’s amazing to me that police violence in blue cities controlled by Democrat politicians for decade after decade is somehow the fault of Donald Trump and Republicans. It reminds me how leaders in the Middle East make life unloveable for their entire country and then turn around and blame THE JOOOOOOOS!!!

It seems to me that anyone with even a close proximity to sanity should get out of cities right now. Does anyone actually believe that things are going to get better in the near future?

I do have one request. When all of you city dwellers escape the hellhole your city is becoming and move to the burbs, please stop voting for the same people who just destroyed the city.

Tucker is worth a watch on this.