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Month July 2011

Abortion Doc: I Will Take Your Sin

Many have long remarked that abortion is the Left’s one and only sacrament.Abby Johnson tells a story from her Planned Parenthood days that proves the point while being shocking and disgusting. A Doctor told a crying patient, upset over what… Continue Reading →

Patrick On The Radio Tonight: The Debt

As an FYI, I will be on the Radio tonight on Dennis O’Donovan’s Religion, Politics, and the Culture. You can listen here! or on 1040AM in Southern Florida. Call in and ask some questions!

Miami Archdiocese: A Gay Hogwarts

This is a strange source for a story like this, but amazing and saddening none the less. Gawker.com, (Caution: Graphic photos at the link) the gossipy website, reports about the gay super-culture in the Miami archdiocese grown and cultivated by… Continue Reading →

This is Awesome

These are some awesome impressions. Check it out. I’ll be honest. I completely stole this from American Catholic. Seriously, they could bring me up on charges this theft is so blatant. But they just left it on their blog. They… Continue Reading →

Medjugorje Revealed?

Please read my post at the National Catholic Register in which I discuss how the Church should handle the Medjugorje phenomenon. Seriously. The M word. I did. Read “Medjugorje Revealed?” >>>>

To Boehner Or Not To Boehner?

I have been twisted and torn by this. Should I support the Boehner plan or not. One the one hand, even though default on our debt cannot and will not happen no matter what, the political ramifications of hitting a… Continue Reading →

First Pray, then Sue

We all know about all the lawsuits filed by atheists and the ACLU against pretty much any public display of religion. It’s frustrating and silly but you know what…it works. It’s an effective strategy. They intimidate all these town councils… Continue Reading →

Which Freaks Me Out More?

This dead alien was supposedly found in the frozen wastes of Siberia by two guys walking along last week. (Who walks around Siberia?) That’s bad. This is worse. A Casey Anthony mask just sold for $1 million. This kind of… Continue Reading →

Toughest/ Stupidest Guy Evah?

I gotta’ admit, half of me wants to be this guy when I grow up. The other half wouldn’t even let this guy on my front lawn. Breitbart reports: A 63-year-old American man with a hernia plunged a butter knife… Continue Reading →

UN Group: Abortion and Prostitution a Right for Ten Year Olds

A United Nations group is pushing to make abortion, drug use, and contraception a human right for anyone as young as ten years old. What?! That’s outrageous. And discriminatory against nine year olds! I’m smelling a class action lawsuit here… Continue Reading →

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