I have been twisted and torn by this. Should I support the Boehner plan or not.

One the one hand, even though default on our debt cannot and will not happen no matter what, the political ramifications of hitting a hard debt limit and the choices it imposes will be played up in the media in ways too melodramatic to imagine. And the President, the Democrats, and their minions in the MSM will play this to maximum effect to hurt the conservative cause.

So if the Boehner plan is the best that can be achieved at this point to avoid all that and bring this all back up before the election, perhaps we should support it?

On the other hand, this was an unprecedented opportunity to make some real progress on cutting the budget which is what Boehner et al promised after the continuing resolution debacle. Yet, as it stands, Boehner proposes to actually spend more money next year than this year. How the hell is that cutting anything? And the real cuts in his plan don’t happen until much later and some future congress is under no obligation to do anything this congress says. So the bottom line. NO CUTS AT ALL.

So this is what we are left with? Political and economic disaster vs. status quo. Thank you very much Republican leadership, you completely failed again.

But there is an alternative. The Mack Penny plan. This plan, which I support, cuts actual spending by 1% each year for 8 years. Congress can decide how to allocate it, and if they can’t the cuts are across the board. Simple and effective. This is something they could have sold to the American people if they tried. Alas alack.

So what to do now? Opinions are welcome.