We all know about all the lawsuits filed by atheists and the ACLU against pretty much any public display of religion. It’s frustrating and silly but you know what…it works. It’s an effective strategy. They intimidate all these town councils into secularism for fear of paying lawyers for a lawsuit that could drag on for years.

I sometimes think we should be filing lawsuits too. Constantly. Willy nilly. Scare the spineless town and city government bodies into allowing public displays of religion.

Here’s a story about a guy who put a cross on his lawn. At first, he was told it was too big. So he made it smaller. And then he was told that it was too close to the curb and could distract drivers. So he moved it back and all seems well.

So he could have let is go…but guess what, he’s talking about suing anyway so that he could put the cross anywhere he darn well pleases on his lawn. The cash strapped town is wondering whether they should just accede to the man’s wishes instead of paying for a court case.

Maybe lawsuits are the way to go. It works for the secularists. Maybe we should be suing a heck of a lot more to scare all these town councils from bending to the ACLU’s will all the time.

Just an idea. I’m not even for doing it but I bet it would work.

HT The Blaze