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First Pray, then Sue

We all know about all the lawsuits filed by atheists and the ACLU against pretty much any public display of religion. It’s frustrating and silly but you know what…it works. It’s an effective strategy. They intimidate all these town councils… Continue Reading →

VA: God Not Invited to Funerals

It seems that the separation of Church and state actually means that the state is bent on totally eradicating the church. Weasel Zippers reports: Local veterans and volunteer groups are accusing Department of Veterans Affairs officials of censoring religious speech… Continue Reading →

What I Learned from Planned Parenthood

Poor secularist liberals are in a tizzy today due to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of tax vouchers for education. While I’m excited I do understand that this ruling could cause great distress among secularist libs. Yup. I’m worried… Continue Reading →

Tons of Condoms Clog Drains, Gov’t Pleased

AOL News reports: Thousands of condoms have clogged plumbing at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi after amorous athletes flushed them down toilets, according to Indian media. Asked about the sewer blockages and their alleged source, Mike Fennell, president of… Continue Reading →

Secularist’s Favorite Body Part

For years, the appendix has been many secularists favorite body part…if you don’t count the body parts you can use to abort babies. The appendix’s popularity has been mainly because the organ’s perceived uselessness was thought to be evidence of… Continue Reading →

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