AOL News reports:

Thousands of condoms have clogged plumbing at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi after amorous athletes flushed them down toilets, according to Indian media.

Asked about the sewer blockages and their alleged source, Mike Fennell, president of the Commonwealth Games Federation, told a news conference Thursday that plumbers are working on the problem, but that he thinks it’s good if athletes are practicing safe sex.

“It shows there is some use of condoms and that is a very positive story that the athletes are being responsible,” Fennell said to a room of snickering reporters, according to New Zealand television. “I hope that satisfies your question.”

Their plumbing is all backed up, feces are spilling out and these imbeciles are patting themselves on their backs for the athletes having safe sex. Perfect liberalism.

People acting like animals, treating each others as means to an end, and feces backing up and spilling everywhere. Ah, the utopian end goal of secular liberalism.