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Cloudy With a Slight Chance of Reason

*subhead*Liberalism.*subhead* I live in Washington State. Born and raised mostly in California, I am a transplant to the Evergreen State and find a lot about life here puzzling. We are one of the most liberal states in the Union. We… Continue Reading →

Columnist: How to Deal With Republicans. Ha!

San Francisco Gate columnist Jon Carroll writes his thoughts on dealing with Republicans even though he admits he doesn’t know any. Hilarity ensues. I thought about fisking it but really it’s just so perfect on its own. And by perfect… Continue Reading →

Difference Between Nudists and Strippers?

My two year old went through a phase where she kept taking off her clothes. And when I put clothes on her she would try to take them off. And if she took her clothes off I’d say in my… Continue Reading →

New Statesmen: Meet the Radical Jesus

The New Statesman’s Mehdi Hasan explains why Jesus was just a big lefty radical. Never mind that they’re clearly drawing a comparison between Jesus and mass murderer Che Guavera. You’ve gotta’ admit this is the kind of image of Jesus… Continue Reading →

Scientists Claim to Find Liberal Gene

Some scientists claim to have discovered the “liberal gene.” Of course you and I know that this is one of the stupidest thing you’ll ever read but if we were to take them at their word the first thing I… Continue Reading →

Tons of Condoms Clog Drains, Gov’t Pleased

AOL News reports: Thousands of condoms have clogged plumbing at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi after amorous athletes flushed them down toilets, according to Indian media. Asked about the sewer blockages and their alleged source, Mike Fennell, president of… Continue Reading →

Hilarious Crazy Movie Review of Secretariat

This is a tale of two movie reviews. One sane. The other…well not so much. After reading snippets of both you’ll hardly believe they’re talking about the same movie. Steven Greydanus writes in the National Catholic Register that Secretariat is:… Continue Reading →

We Don’t Need Men But It Takes a Village

I’m always amazed at the liberal mind’s ability to hold mutually exclusive thoughts. I’ve long ago discovered that consistency isn’t the hallmark of the liberal mind; it’s emotion. I was reminded of this yesterday when Jennifer Aniston was quoted as… Continue Reading →

Warning Label for Sippy Cups? Seriously?

I know some liberal types will read this and think that the Governor of New York has just damned the children of New York to dental problems. They’ll suspect Big Dentistry is behind this curious veto that might’ve saved thousands… Continue Reading →

Congressman: The Gov’t Can Do Anything

California Democrat Congressman Pete Stark tells the truth at a townhall meeting. He says, “The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything in this Country.” He didn’t emit and evil laugh like “muhuhahahaha!!!!” but I think it was implied. At first… Continue Reading →

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