California Democrat Congressman Pete Stark tells the truth at a townhall meeting. He says, “The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything in this Country.” He didn’t emit and evil laugh like “muhuhahahaha!!!!” but I think it was implied.

At first I couldn’t believe he said it but then I thought that this is like the kind of thing a villain says in a movie when he’s monologuing while he should just be dunking the hero into the shark tank in a meat suit. They says things like “nobody can stop me now” or “I can do whatever I want.”

Let’s just hope Stark and his lib buddies keep monologuing until November because this meat suit is itchy and it kinda’ smells.

Brian at Weasel Zippers writes:

Just wow!

There are moments when things happen that really crystallize the reality of our circumstances. Here is video of such a moment.

It occurred at a Town Hall Meeting of California Democrat Rep. Pete Stark, when a woman asked him a brilliant question on the constitutionality of the ObamaCare Law. Essentially, she asked Stark how the law could be when it makes Health Care a “right,” thereby compelling others to provide and or pay for Health Care for other people. She argued this is a form of “slavery,” in violation of the 13 Amendment. Then she got to the heart of her question. If the Federal Government can do this, “what can’t they do?”

Stark’s answer is astounding. He said, “The Federal Government can do most anything in this country.”

The problem is that the elites in the government aren’t restrained by the Constitution or any particular morality but their own self preservation.