Can you be Muslim and American? It would seem so.

Concerned about violations of the First Amendment and the the image of Dearborn Michigan being known as Dearbornistan, 30 protesters gathered on the steps of Dearborn City Hall last Monday at the scene of the arraignment of four Christian missionaries.

The Muslims, led by Republican Attorney Majed Moughni, were there to protest the violation of the first amendment rights of the Christians.

Moughini, who is running for Congress in Michgan’s 15th district, had this to say.
“Everyone is saying why are you defending the Christians? This is not about defending Christians or Muslims, it’s about defending the First Amendment.”

Local Police continue to make the ludicrous claim that the missionaries were inciting violence. However, video of the incident clearly indicate otherwise.

Moughini and the other Muslim protesters have seen the video and understand how this looks to everyone outside Dearborn.

“Here in Michigan we have the largest concentration of Arab Americans. What is everyone going to think? These are the kinds of people we shouldn’t arrest. What perception do we want to give the rest of the country? We are trying to promote our businesses but the first thing we do to our guests is throw them in jail for the night.

” It is heartening to see Muslim-Americans standing up for freedom of religion and speech. It is also very wise. The same rights that protect these Christians from unjust persecution protect the minority of Muslims as well.

Good for Moughini and his fellow protesters. There is as much at stake for them as there is for Christians. If the first amendment is not protected and if ever there is another Islamist attack in the U.S., they might be the ones to regret it most.