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Month March 2010

I Still Hate the Cowboys But…

Almost every week there’s a story about some pro athlete doing some either really stupid or really illegal or both. But this story about Tony Romo meeting a 60 year old fan with Downs Syndrome is pretty awesome and almost… Continue Reading →

Krugman: Death Panels Will Save Money

In the aftermath of the passage of Obamacare we have witnessed an onslaught of accidental truth telling by Democrats. We have heard from some that the EO does nothing. Duh. We have heard that Obamacare is really about distributing the… Continue Reading →

Wacko Lesbian Georgetown Prof. To EEOC

Get to know Chai Feldblum, a radical homosexual activist, who was just placed by President Obama onto the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) while the Senate was out for the Easter recess. Check out this video. It’s scary. CMR wrote… Continue Reading →

Video: Off-Duty Cop Hoses Down Pro-Lifers

I’m not sure putting graphic and bloody pro-life signs in front of a church was the greatest idea but the off duty cop who confronts them acts like a real jerk and a bully. Warning: The video contains some pretty… Continue Reading →

MSNBC Libels the Pope!!!

The media has been unfair to say the least to Pope Benedict the past week. But MSNBC crossed a line today. Big time. The liberal news network had a headline up that reads “Pope Describes Touching Boys: I Went Too… Continue Reading →

Hell Is Not Hot

I have heard it said that when a baby closes its eyes, it perceives the entire world has gone away rather than just their ability to perceive it. I have often wondered how scientists can know such a thing, but… Continue Reading →

Iowa Town Renames “Good Friday”

I know one city administrator who should be fired. Not just for changing the name of “Good Friday” to “Spring Holiday” but because he clearly has no actual responsibilities to fill his day so he’s making up things to do…. Continue Reading →

Archdiocese Sues Baltimore

You know how in commercials for medicine they say in a really fast voice “thisproductwillmakeyoureyesbleedandyourhairfallout.” Warnings such as those usually mean that you’re telling someone to avoid something dangerous. But our country is so backwards at this point that crisis… Continue Reading →

Judge Stands Against Abortion Law

Are we not a Republic? I was pretty bad in school but I seem to remember some kind of talk by my second grade teacher right before recess. It went something like…”blah blah blah…we have three co-equal branches of government….blah… Continue Reading →

First Recording of a Pope circa 1903

This is kinda’ cool. The first ever recording of a Pope. Pope Leo XIII recites the Ave Maria. Pope Leo was also the first Pope to be filmed on a motion picture camera.

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