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Month November 2014

A Tale Of Two Protests

Over at the Register I look at the differences in the way two protests are treated and discuss what it says about America. *subhead*More than just media bias.*subhead*

New Star Wars Trailer

The wait is over. *subhead*Enjoy.*subhead*

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Hi all, I meant to get this up earlier but took the fambly to Mass this morning. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Now I’m going to throw the football around with my son who is wearing his NY Giants Jersey… Continue Reading →

Tell Me This Isn’t a Hallmark Christmas Movie Waiting to Happen

This is just awesome. Call me a sap but I love this. Christianity Today has this great story: Tyrel and Joana Wolfe initially connected when they were seven and eight years old, respectively, after Tyrel sent a Christmas shoebox to… Continue Reading →

Machiavellian Tool Jon Gruber is Also Pro-Abortion Eugenics Supporting Jerk

The guy who thinks Americans are stupid who deserve to be lied to also believes that abortion is a good for children and society in general. Dustin Siggins, who jumped on the grenade for all of us and actually read… Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Secondhand Christmas

A PTA of a public school in the Boston area apparently worked behind closed doors to prevent elementary school students from being exposed to the eeeeevil dangers of a…Christmas tree!!! (Cue the impending doom music.) It’s gotten so bad that… Continue Reading →

Huzzah! Cardinal Sarah To CDW

Well, this certainly beats the alternatives that have been discussed. Pope Francis has named Cardinal Robert Sarah as the new prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Cardinal Sarah, 69, from French Guinea, is… Continue Reading →

Watch This!! NFL Great Becomes A Farmer

This!!! That is all I can say. Watch This!! “When I think about a life of greatness, I think about a life of service.” Outstanding. *subhead*Awesome.*subhead*

I’m Uncomfortable Knowing I Share a Planet With This Thing

I know they say this thing is only 3.5 cm (which to our non-Canadian readers) is pretty darn small but it’s still scary. Fun size scary but scary nonetheless. Images of this creature were caught for the first time in… Continue Reading →

Mother Sacrificed Her Life to Save Her Unborn Son

This is an amazing story about a mother who made a choice to save her unborn son rather than herself. What makes it more amazing is that Cosmo reported it. On November 3, 34-year-old Karisa Bugal was going into labor… Continue Reading →

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