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Month November 2014

Multicultural Christmas Sweater for the Co-exist Crowd

Perfect for the modern man. The Daily Mail reports: A spokesperson for the company said: ‘For us, the festive season is a time for celebration and togetherness. And we think that now more than ever, the world could use a… Continue Reading →

Parent Demands that Teacher Remove Star of David Necklace

Go school district! Hey, I don’t get to say that very often so I’ll take the opportunity where I can. The Inquisitr reports: A teacher at the East Pennsboro Middle School is now being scrutinized for wearing a necklace with… Continue Reading →

Finally. ‘Normal Barbie’ to come with stretch marks, cellulite, acne

I don’t think my girls ever gave this much thought to their Barbies. Within days of receiving a Barbie, my front room would look like CSI Barbie. There were body parts all over the place. It literally looked like Barbie… Continue Reading →

A Few Thoughts On Today’s Tyranny

So Obama is going to do it. He is going to grant amnesty even though he has no right and power to do so, as he has acknowledged. When a president acknowledges at least 22 separate times that the law… Continue Reading →

Awesome. Vatican Reaches Out to Youth with Invite to Hep Singer

The Vatican has invited none other than…Patti Smith to headline the Vatican’s Christmas Concert on December 13. Finally, the Church is reaching out to the hep cool kids with a wild singer that the kids can relate to. Ok. That… Continue Reading →

Church Gives Away Money

I kinda’ thought I would find this crazy but I actually like it. Here you’ll have a lot of people heading out specifically seeking to do good. Obviously, there’s a chance of people being selfish and scamming the church but… Continue Reading →

Japan’s Slow Motion Demographic Suicide

Less than a decade ago Japan’s population was at 128 million. But now, with marriage in steep decline and a plummeting birth rate, Japan expects to lose about one million people per year. This is nothing short of a disaster…. Continue Reading →

The Curious and Tragic Case of Dr. Haiselden and the Baby Bollinger

Just about one hundred years ago, in November of 1915, a baby was born to a family that already had three children. The baby was born with only one ear and some medical issues that would lead to the baby’s… Continue Reading →

Cardinal George Asks A Question

From Cardinal George in an interview with Crux The question is raised, why doesn’t he himself clarify these things? Why is it necessary that apologists have to bear that burden of trying to put the best possible face on it?… Continue Reading →

Let’s Put a MdDonald’s in a Church!

The McMass Project is pushing to put McDonald’s franchises in churches as a way of boosting church attendance. Hey, man can not live by fries alone. But who wouldn’t wanna’ try for a week or two, you know? They sent… Continue Reading →

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