So Obama is going to do it. He is going to grant amnesty even though he has no right and power to do so, as he has acknowledged.

When a president acknowledges at least 22 separate times that the law and the constitution restrain him from this action, that to act in this way is to violate his oath and the law, how is that not high crimes and misdemeanors?

That the gravity of concupiscence tends toward tyranny is well known. This has been resisted in the past by statesmen who put liberty before advantage. Alas, we have none of them today.

The American people exercised their constitutional remedy to amnesty in this last election, but they cannot resist unlawful and extra-constitutional actions with limited constitutional remedies. The Congress has a constitutional remedy via the power of the purse, but they have made clear they will not use it.

The Republic is over.

A president who acts beyond the law is no longer president, but he has earned the title of Tyrant. When law no longer retrains government, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if some people feel similarly unrestrained in their response to tyranny. As I have said before, unfortunately, liberty lost is only found again in blood-soaked places.