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Month October 2016

It’s Official. All the Cool Kids Have Read and Loved “Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage.”

My book “Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage” is still going strong. It’s currently #29 ON Christian books downloaded on Kindle. And it makes me so happy that it’s still getting such great reviews. It’s still getting a… Continue Reading →

CNN Fires Donna Brazile over Wikileaks. But They’re Unverified?!!!

CNN hasn’t really been covering the WikiLeaks emails and one of the reasons given is that because they’re from dubious sources and unverified. OK? But just today it was announced that they fired CNN commentator Donna Brazile after it was… Continue Reading →

Would Dems Support Abortion so Rabidly If Planned Parenthood Didn’t Donate So Much?

Does anyone actually believe that Democrats would support abortion so rabidly if Planned Parenthood didn’t donate so much to them? I don’t. In fact, the best way to learn the truth of this is to cut federal funding to the… Continue Reading →

Theologian Michael Novak on the Unvoteable Hillary Clinton

Theologian Michael Novak doesn’t seem to think Catholics should vote for Hillary because a few teensy tiny issues such as life and religious freedom. Breitbart: “The truth is that if Clinton wins we risk losing our freedom, because Democrats are… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court To Discover What Our Founding Fathers Thought About Boys Using Girls School Bathrooms

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the case in Gloucester County School Board v. G.G.   The high court is set to review the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision which held that a Virginia school board’s policy… Continue Reading →

Amazing and Beautiful Video of Christians Erecting a Cross in Town Once Held by Isis

To me, this is like a Christian version of that famous Iwo Jima photograph. The video shows a group of Christian fighters in a town just outside Mosul returning home after having been violently driven from the town two years… Continue Reading →

Facebook Rejects Crisis Pregnancy Center Ad

A crisis pregnancy center in Maryland wanted to place an ad on Facebook. This one: But they were a bit shocked when Facebook rejected their ad. Fortunately, they didn’t take this lying down. Fox Baltimore: Atha, the organization’s outreach coordinator,… Continue Reading →

Debate Boils Over Sex Education in Catholic Schools

The issue of sex education in Catholic schools has been hotly debated for decades, but with recent well-publicized protests from parents of Catholic school students to the firestorm over new sex-education materials published by the Vatican, things only seem to… Continue Reading →

NYC School Sends Home Hilarious (And Sad) Letter Warning About “Cultural Appropriation” for Halloween

This is just too priceless. A grammar school in New York City sent home a letter warning parents about “cultural appropriation” just in time for Halloween. It’s kinda’ awesome in the most smarmy condescending politically correct way, I’ve gotta’ admit…. Continue Reading →

Matt’s Report Card: Clinton and Warren Rally at Saint Anselm, Lawsuit Against Catholic School Moves Forward

Abortion and same-sex marriage champions Clinton and Warren rally on Catholic college campus Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren — both radically opposed to fundamental moral teachings of the Church — rallied with a slew of… Continue Reading →

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