The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the case in Gloucester County School Board v. G.G.  

The high court is set to review the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision which held that a Virginia school board’s policy barring a girl (who still had all her girl parts) from using the boys restroom at her school violates Title IX’s ban on discrimination on the basis of sex.

As you might remember, Title IX’s meaning was just expanded by the Obama administration to include these types of cases. Not voted on. But that’s how it’s done nowadays. Fiat. Will of the people be damned.

And then you have the judiciary not caring at all about what the writers of the Constitution intended, or for that matter what the Constitution actually says. Nope. More fiat.

I’m just wondering, anyone out there expecting anything good to come from the high court weighing in on this? I’m not.

*subhead*Nothing good.*subhead*