Theologian Michael Novak doesn’t seem to think Catholics should vote for Hillary because a few teensy tiny issues such as life and religious freedom.


“The truth is that if Clinton wins we risk losing our freedom, because Democrats are increasingly illiberal with those who don’t think the way they do,” he said.

Regarding the popularity of the Republican candidate with middle America, Novak said that Trump is “very good at talking to the gut feelings of the country” and always repeats the same message to Americans: “they have betrayed you, it is time to change.”

“If he is successful it is because he simply speaks a great truth. All Americans know very well that they have been betrayed. But this betrayal did not happen in a day, it started 60 years ago,” he said.

Gradually, “we started to divide values from life, values from law, through many small compromises. And Catholics have a great responsibility in this. Education has failed, because the universities have all fallen into the hands of the left and we have pulled down a whole generation, the so-called millennials, into a vacuum of values and meaning,” he said.

“When I think that this should be the main theme in this election and that no one talks about it, it makes me shudder,” he said.