Some context here. The House of Representatives, under Republican leadership, just passed a bill that seeks to criminalize anti-semitic speech.

Some Christians have expressed a concern that this would make even quoting the New Testament a crime.

Please recall that dozens of pro-lifers have been arrested and persecuted. Also recall, the horrible treatment some of the January 6ers have received. Also let’s remember that the FBI was and perhaps is investigating traditional Catholic parishes for…whatever.

If the government can go after the right they absolutely will. They’ve proven that. So it makes sense that some on the right would be concerned about this legislation.

So, the NY Times covers this story. Do they, in their headline, say that some on the right are concerned with infringements on free speech? Nope.

Here’s how they headline their story:

Bill to Combat Antisemitism on Campuses Prompts Backlash From the Right

What would that lead you to think? That the right has a massive problem with anti-semitism, which is hilarious considering leftist universities are currently burning themselves to cinders with anti-semitic protests. Some schools have warned Jews not to attend class because the colleges can not keep them safe. Mobs of students are chanting “From the river to the sea.”

But the media ignores that. They have to twist the free speech concerns of the right into some twisted anti-semitic cabal.

Why are they doing this? Because they are scared to death that Jews will abandon the Democrat Party. So they have to tar the right with their own sins.

It’s all so despicable and obvious. So yeah, it’ll probably work.